Alsanfan Exhaust Fan – 1400×1400

  • About Product

    Alsanfan Exhaust Fan – 1400 × 1400 model, which has quality, guaranteed and silent operation, provides maximum blade efficiency and energy saving with its special inclined blade design made of stainless steel.

    Alsanfan Exhaust Fan – 1400 × 1400

  • Areas of Usage

    1. In close areas having ventilation problems,
    2. For ventilating and cooling of poultry farms,
    3. For ventilating and cooling of cattle stables,
    4. For ventilating and cooling of green houses,
    5. For clearing away the gas, smokte, dust, odour, etc. in factories, workshop and similar places.

    Technical Information

    1. The main bodies and wings of exhaust fans are made of galvanized steel sheet,
    2. Wing structure has unique curves which increase power and efficiency,
    3. Designed to ensure energy saving,
    4. The blinds of the fans open automatic after fans start to working,
    5. They have special design protection wire at the back side.

    Technical Spesifications

    Model: AF-1380
    Fan Diameter: 1250 mm
    Motor Rotational Speed: 1440 rpm
    Motor Power: 1.1 kW
    Noise Decibels: <65 dB
    Air Flow: 44500 m3/h
    Rated Voltage: 380 V
    Dimension: 1380x1380X400 mm
    Weight: 68 kg
    Damper Opening Mechanism: Two Point Wind Push